Real Estate Network Support

We handle a full spectrum of transaction sizes.  We have negotiated thousands of network real estate leasing, easement and licensing documents, including for new tower macro sites, urban rooftop facilities, small cell clusters,  franchises and rights of way, in-building agreements and large-venue DAS throughout hundreds of different jurisdictions in the United States.  Our depth of knowledge of industry needs and trends allows us to efficiently negotiate through property owners concerns to secure risk-managed, real property rights for our clients’ network architecture.

Network Maintenance

As wireless networks mature, the needs to retain existing sites for future growth and technology deployments become more critical.  Our team provides support and legal counsel for lease renewals, equipment modifications, and the acquisition of additional rights such as for fiber as the needs of the industry morph to meet the demands of the consumer.  We understand that the increasing reliance upon wireless networks to support the explosion of recent technological advances requires fast, efficient conclusions to network upgrade projects for wireless carriers.

Dispute Resolution

On occasion, parties will disagree as to their respective rights and/or obligations under a communication facility lease or other agreement.  We have experience in assisting with the quick, amicable resolution of these disputes to the clients’ satisfaction.